Friday, September 29, 2006


Dog Days of Animation all started back in 1996 when I wanted to ask a colleague in the animation industry for a drawing. I was embarrassed to ask because I knew the pressure of being an artist and having to "think" of something to draw. So, I decided to use this photo of a random dog that I took one day in a flower shop. I had no connection to the dog so therefore there were no expectations of the subject matter from my end as well. All I wanted was the artists to represent themselves. Thus began the Dog Days of Animation.

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All the drawings so far have been done in 5.5" x 8.5" sketchbooks. To make it consistent and easier for me to scan and post please keep it at this size.

- Please draw the dog in your own personal style. No medium restrictions.

- Please draw the entire dog.

- Please sign it.

That's it!
Here is the photo of the dog: (click to enlarge)